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What We Do

  •  Design and Development of Social Enterprises
    • Design and strategic business planning for entrepreneurial social enterprises
    • Fund portfolio development for earned and contributed income
    • Developing and managing Community Development Corporations, Community Development Financial Institutions, and other related entities and for-profit subsidiaries
    • Business unit consulting and development
    • Operational and strategic evaluation
  • Public/Private Loan and Venture Capital
    • Research, develop and co-manage SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants and contracts
    • Develop program related investments (PRIs), operating and capital grants, and equity and loan funding
    • Develop and manage loan and equity funds
  • Strategic Planning
    • Asset-mapping and asset-building strategies
    • Reference projections and scenarios
    • Future search conferencing
    • Organizational development
    • Community-based design
  • Public/Private Enterprise Architecture
    • Public/Private partnerships and joint ventures
    • Regional collaborative development initiatives
    • Sector and domain development