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    Clients & Projects

     For-Profit partial list
  • Altay Group - Turkey
    Search Conference Leader
  • Community Energy Consumers
    Founding President
  • Highland Harvest LLC
    Co-Founder and Equity Investor
  • Pennsylvania Power and Light
    Program Design and Management
  • Philadelphia Electric Company
    Program Design and Management
  • Philadelphia Gas Works
    Program Design and Management
  • Phoenix Petroleum Company
    Marketing Director
  • Prototype Productions, Inc.
    Development Consultant
  • Public/Private Ventures
    Development Consultant  
  • Sun Company                    Management Consultant
  • Synergic Resources Corporation
    Development Consultant
  • Transport Energy Company            President
     Non-Profit partial list 
  • American Shakespeare Center
    Managing Director
  • Cacapon Institute
    Former Chairman of the Board
  • Citizens Coalition for Energy Efficiency
    Managing Director
  • Colorado Healthy Communities Search Conference Leader
  • Community Energy Development Corporation
    Founding Executive Director 
  • Lightstone Foundation
    First Executive Director 
  • Lightstone Community Development Corp
    Founding Executive Director
  • Philadelphia Solar Energy Association
    Founding Chairman and Publisher of Philadelphia Solar Directory 
  • Rodale Institute Rural Urban Resource Center
    Program Leader
  • Staunton Creative Community Fund, Inc.                                    Founding Executive Director
  • The Reinvestment Fund (TRF)    Development Consultant
  • US Department of Agriculture/CSREES
    National Program Leader
  • US Agency for International Development (USAID)                   Consultant to Turkish NGOs 
  • Vermont Energy Investment Corp
    Business Development Consultant
  • West Philadelphia Partnership Neighborhood Resource Center
    Founding Director